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What an Impressive Team! He took on my case from start to finish and he executed it expeditiously and flawlessly! . I would not be in the stress free situation I am - without him! His customer service, communication, and guidance throughout this whole process is what you look for in any and every service. Thank you again!
— David Castillo
Posted May 16th 2022
Mr. Kevin Peterford is a lawyer who will work with you to get the best outcome for your case. He is truly recommended for being upfront and straight up. He took on my case without me knowing what type of law he practiced. I was completely blown away right from the very beginning when he offered his assistance on my case. Literally thought my world was crashing around me and I was a nervous wreck. He was there to answer all the questions which made me feel better knowing he had a plan for my case. All I wanted was to be able to continue working and not have my license suspended. Thank you Kevin Peterford for fighting for me; allowing me to be justified to see a brighter future. Sent from my iPhone
— Audrey Audrey
Posted May 4th 2022
Absolutely amazing best Attorney ever he help me to get rid of all my tickets and my husband and we don’t have any points in my license Excellent customer service and great results Professional a fast response! I want to thank you for going above and beyond to dismissing the case , You are so professional and awesome I’ll highly recommend very happy customer
— Mayra Arevalos
Posted April 29th 2022
I want to start by saying thank to mr.Kevin Peterford,his professional courtesy throughout a very difficult time as been one of great illustrious significance. I on behalf of my family thank him and all those of his staff that contributed to a resoundingly favorable outcome of a case that was initiated by the police department of riviera beach.I as well as my family wish him and his firm nothing but great success.
— Duwayne Gray
Posted April 26th 2022
I highly recommend Peterford law. After meeting with a few attorneys I decided to go with with Kevin, and I’m so glad I did. He was absolutely amazing and most importantly trustworthy. Made my trial quick, and painless. If I for one second felt confused or nervous he was quick to respond to any questions I had & reassure he would do the best to ability & he did. Hands down one of the greatest people I’ve met.
— Meagan Counihan
Posted April 22nd 2022
Cannot imagine navigating a complex criminal case with anyone else! Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and has amazing negotiation skills. He had a plethora of solutions prepared for every potential scenario throughout my case. Kept me informed, calm, and I felt extremely confident that I had the BEST representation one could ask for in a potential life-altering legal circumstance. Thanks to his proactive and creative approach, all charges were dropped! HIGHLY recommend Mr. Peterford.
— AQ
Posted March 30th 2022
Wow! I’m still a little emotional because of my unique situation. But the day I found Kevin ! I Felt as if Heaven’s Gates opened up wide! I searched 3 months for the perfect attorney. Kevin was fast, gentle, non judgmental and informative! He gave me information that over 50 lawyers in State of Florida wasn't able to relay ! Trust me, I think I burnt out my google search engine lol ! Anyways …. He relieved all my stress and worries ! He is very attentive, swift , knowledgeable, understanding, humble, intuitive, and empathetic. Stop wasting your time consulting greed driving attorneys and message Peterford Law, PLLC . P.S. His softly spoken assistant Shania! Omg Awesome! Awesome! Relays messages on time ! No hesitation lol ! This duet is a great combination! With love and light I pray you continue to receive great clients to work with so you may continue your divine soul purpose! I leave this review here 🤩 Selah !
— Chenee Clarke
Posted March 29th 2022
Mr. Peterford got my driving while suspended completely dropped and got all my other driving tickets dropped too. He has amazing communication and will tell you exactly what to do in order to have the best outcome. I recommend him to anyone! He doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg and still I got the best outcome I could ask for. He’s awesome !
— Christina Juroff
Posted March 18th 2022
Handled case without any problems.
— larry coon
Posted March 17th 2022
Kevin upheld the most upmost professional attitude during the time I worked with him. On point, quick and very educated in explaining civil processes to me. Would recommend him time and time again
— Kacper Miekina
Posted March 9th 2022
I highly recommend Mr. Peterford. He went above and beyond to handle my case and the end result was better than expected!! Awesome attorney all around!
— Shana Wenzell
Posted March 5th 2022
My husband contacted Peterford Law and spoke with Kevin who was unbelievably kind and patient. We had an issue outside of his practice but he still took the time to help walk us through the necessary steps to try and resolve the situation ourselves. Always made sure we knew he was there if we needed additional help. I will highly recommend him and his firm!
— Courtnay Corcoran
Posted March 3rd 2022
Kevin Peterford is a professional lawyer who has the charisma, confidence, and knowledge to help you out. He can definitely help you with any dui case.
— edward lopez
Posted March 3rd 2022
Best Lawyer in Florida.
— Jorge Barragan
Posted February 26th 2022
They were really good keep me in the loop on everything that was being done.very professional and was on time with everything.
— Maxony Jouseme
Posted February 21st 2022
I highly recommend Kevin at Peterford law. He’s very knowledgeable and immediately started working on my case which was dropped. From the very beginning he knew exactly what I needed to do to get ahead of the court. Look no further he’s the guy you want to hire.
— alexandra lozano
Posted February 18th 2022
Kevin is a fantastic attorney who carried on my case from my previous attorney who did not give me 100%. Kevin was fast, professional, responsive and most importantly he's a good person and wants to help. I highly recommend his services he will definitely go above and beyond to help you. My charges got dropped to a Reckless driving and this only happened because Kevin went above and beyond and gave 120%. I would highly recommend him to anyone he is really the best in the business. More important he is honest and wants to help.
— Angela Gill
Posted February 11th 2022
I needed some legal assistance and was referred to Kevin by a colleague of his. I contacted him and he was definitely the best attorney I've dealt with. He was quick to get results and made the process easy and convenient. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney who knows his stuff. #highlyrecommend
— Stephen Raiola
Posted February 10th 2022
I highly recommend Kevin and Peterford Law, PLLC. I had a major problem on a holiday and Kevin went above and beyond to make sure that my needs were met. He has be communicative, thorough and exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you, Kevin. You have earned a for life client.
— Matthew Cincogrono
Posted February 10th 2022
Kevin was a pro from the first call we had. He was able to relieve my stress and make sure that I felt comfortable knowing that he was on my side. From there he took care of all the work and the final result was a case dismissed. Glad there are still good professionals like Kevin out there looking to help people out. Highly recommend and will be suggesting him to all my friends and family.
— Jeffrey Creegan South Florida Realtor
Posted February 8th 2022
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